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Community Futures Lesser Slave Lake is a community driven, non-profit organization that is guided by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Board is made up of local business people who 
bring extensive knowledge and experience of the area’s economy. Our Board members represent our region’s
 population and main economic sectors. The role of the Board is to establish our organization’s priorities, monitor our performance, and 
be accountable to key stakeholders, such as local, provincial and federal governments.

Interested in becoming a board member or committee volunteer? Please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Marcel Auger

Board Member

Representing the MD of Opportunity

Valerie Tradewell

Board Member

Representing Northern Lakes College

David Vanderwell


Dave is an Agrologist and has been working for Environment and Sustainable Resources since 1989 in this area.  He has been a member of the Community Futures Lesser Slave Lake Region since 2007, and chair since 2010.  Dave is a past member of High Prairie Town council and the High Prairie Fire Department. He and his family live on their farm South of High Prairie.

Ron Matula


Ron joins us from the High Prairie area!

Walter Dyck

Board Member

Curtis Dana

Board Member

Dave Gaskell


Currently Dave has been in the real estate industry for the past 16 years. Previous experience includes, oil and gas, finance, insurance, and construction. Dave did serve as a board member with the slave Lake air ground ambulance society.

Jesse Roberts


Phillip Lokken

Vice Chair

Randy Ehman


Brad Pearson


Brad joins us from one of the local municipalities!

Board Criteria


1.   Composition of the Board of Directors - Membership on the Board of Directors for CFLSLR shall not exceed 15 members (See Articles of Association)

A maximum of eight appointees from municipal council and other stakeholder organizations shall be invited to serve on the CFLSLR Board of Directors:

If a stakeholder organization or municipal council waives its privilege to appoint a representative to serve on the CFLSLR  Board of Directors; or

If by default, a stakeholder organization or municipal representative has failed to participate on the Board of Directors as prescribed in the policies herein; and the stakeholder organization or municipal council has failed to appoint another member within 30 days’ notice being given by the Chairperson of CFLSLR of such default :

CFLSLR Board of Directors shall recruit a “Member at Large” from any where within the CFLSLR service region to fill the vacancy for a two year term without further notice to the stakeholder organization or municipal council in default;

  • Prior to the end of the Member at Large two-year term, the defaulting stakeholder organization or municipal council will be given an opportunity to once again appoint a representative to CFLSLR Board of Directors.  The stakeholder organization or municipal council will be provided 30 days’ notice in writing inviting them to appoint a representative of the CFLSLR Board of Directors.
  • If the stakeholder organization or municipal council fails to notify the Chairperson of CFLSLR in writing within the 30 days’ notice period of whom the organization has appointed to the CFLSLR Board of Directors, CFLSLR Board of Directors will once again appoint a “Member at Large” to fill the position for a two year term.

(c)  A minimum of three "Members at Large" from the general public shall be elected by the Board of Directors.

All members to the Board of Directors be shall voting members.

Membership shall be based on geographic location within the CFLSLR region as well as representation by community economic development sector, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • agriculture
  • education
  • First Nations and Metis organizations
  • forestry
  • health care
  • labor
  • municipal government
  • oil or gas
  • professions such as accounting, finance or law
  • science, technology or telecommunications
  • service industry
  • small business
  • tourism & hospitality
  • transportation

In addition to knowledge and expertise in the forgoing areas of economic development, the Board of Directors shall recruit members whom:

  • have strong communication and public relations skills
  • have the time and interest to commit full participation on the Board of Directors  

The Board of Directors shall ensure that the Board is composed of an appropriate mix of members with relevant knowledge and experience in most of the key areas of community economic development cited above.

All members to the Board of Directors shall be volunteers.

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